February 2024

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Playing ‘yarn chicken’ is the subject of memes and online jokes. We’ve all been there: one eye on our work and the other on the tail end of our yarn getting shorter and shorter. It is soooo frustrating when the game is lost, and the tail end slips into our work half a row short of the end of the pattern. Or perhaps you’ve settled down to start a new project, only to find your stash doesn’t have everything you need. No yarn, no new project. It’s a variation on the yarn chicken game, but one where you run out …

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January is over, which means I’ve completed approximately one twelfth of my temperature blanket, excluding the final border. I plan to note highlights from my temperature blanket each month so I have details to look back on in future years. The weather, temperatures and a massive ear-worm of a song have been ever present in my mind throughout the month. I thought checking temperatures every day would be a chore, but I’ve found one of the unexpected side-effects of making a temperature blanket is a deeper connection to my natural world. Something I am really enjoying and appreciating. I am …

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