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In Hackney, 2007, 15-year-old Abraham saves a stranger from a brutal attack. That split-second decision and act of astonishing bravery changes his life forever.

Journalist Sam Holder has been following Abraham’s story for years. Together with Abraham’s friends and family, they retrace how this young boy finds himself in fear of his own life.

This multi-award-winning series explores the protections in place for witnesses of violent crimes, the obligations for witnesses to give evidence in court, and what can be done if someone feels their life is at risk.

BBC Radio 4

I’m not sure if I will ever forget Abraham Badru’s name. His bravery, especially at the young age of 15, was extraordinary. He understood right from wrong and stepped up when others did not. He behaved in the way we’d all wish our sons would behave. Abraham was badly let down by those responsible for protecting him. ‘Protectors’ who were in occupations that allowed them to understand the risks his courage attracted bit, despite that, they failed him, terribly, over and over again. My heart breaks for his mother and I think of her often. I recommend this podcast so others know Abraham’s name and story too. His experience is one that we should never forget, and he is a young man who deserves to be remembered.