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It was the perfect day

Until someone shat on the floor.

Karen Whitehouse and Helen McLaughlin got married on Saturday the 11th of August, 2018.

The mystery of the crime has been tormenting them ever since. They have to know who, out of their closest friends, family (or staff) were audacious enough to loosen their bowels… on the floor… on their special day.

Join the brides, Helen Mclaughlin and Karen Whitehouse, and the extremely under-qualified ‘Detective’ Lauren Kilby, as they interrogate wedding guests, hook bridesmaids up to polygraph machines and speak with top forensic experts in an attempt to crack the case.

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I’m afraid the title really does say it all. There is something childishly and irrepressibly funny about this podcast. Three friends having the best time, laughing all the time, egging each other one and carrying an audience with them. Join them as they try to ‘crap’ the case and find the ‘poopetrator’.